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A warming inflamatory relief blend to help you destress as you Exhale your aches, pains & worries away. Infused with Juniper, Clary Sage, Sage, & Ginger essential oils; the carrier oil is cocounut. Within the blend are 2 types of crystals; Moonstone and Black Obsidian to help amplify effects. Blend housed in 10ml glass roller bottle with glass roller ball.


SAY Exhale- Essential Oil Blend

  • Juniper- Grounding oil believed to detoxify, heal wounds, relieve pain in joints & muscles; when inhaled, believed to treat bronchitis & numb pain.

    Clary Sage- Promoted as a natural antidepresant & stress reliever, also said to soothe skin afflicted with inflammation, calms rashes, balance production of natural oil & sebum, & strengthens skin & muscles.

    Sage- Soothing oil believed to ease muscular & joint pain associated with inflammation, tenderness, stiffness, strains, & sprains.  It's Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-microbal properties, make it known to soothe soreness, eliminate toxins, & protect from developing infections.

    Ginger- Warming oil believed to have stimulating effects on skin & mind by replacing negative emotions like stress, fatigue, & sadness with enthusiastic energy, also said to enhance libido by arousing sensuality, calmness, & confidence. Exhibits anti-septic & anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Moonstone- Known as a stone to promote “new beginnings” through inner growth & strength. Its said to soothe emotional instability, stress, stabilize emotions, provide calmness,  enhance intuition, promote inspiration, success & good fortune in love & business.

    Black Obsidian- Stone known to protect by forming a shield against negativity, blocking psychic attack, absorbing negative energies from the environment & drawing out mental stress & tension.

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