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Upper half frame glasses featuring multiple wiring techniques. The frame is made to be hand adjustable to manipulate the fit to your face structure.


  • Celestite- Thought as a very high vibrational stone who's energy can be felt by just touching. This stone is said to work towards activating your third eye and crown chakra while creating a clear channel between the two, activating your unique psychic abilities.  Celestite’s energies are also said to provide calming and soothing vibrations that will radiate into your aura and emotional body, help “cool” fiery emotions that you keep hidden within yourself daily. 

    Smoky Quartz- Known for its grounding and negative emotion relief, it's said to help release stress, jealousy, fear, grief and anger. Also known to beneficial for pain relief and treat lower torso problems (kidney, abdomen, pancreas, reporductive organs) and remove toxins from the body.

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