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Tie necklace


  • Clear Quartz- Balancing & amplifying stone known as the "master healer" to amplify energy, thought, & the effect of other crystals by absorbing, storing, releasing & regulating energy. Its also said to harmonize all chakras & align the subtle bodies.

    Tourmalinated Quartz- Said to cleanse the aura by clearing energy patterns that have resulted in stagnation. Also known to help integrate and heal shadow energies by releasing the outworn patterns and reestablishes energetic flow with emotional clarity.Tourmalinated quartz is believed to protect the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions. It is said to be filled with energy that flashes through it and connects one with other fields of energy. Tourmalinated quartz is thought to provide a balancing of yin/yang energies and release negative patterns.

    Mahogany Obsidian- gentler than that of Black Obsidian,  is said to lessen the pain of past negative memories and heal them. Also known to assist in removing feelings of unworthiness and release your inner limitations, stimulates the Root Chakra,  and grounds/protects  spiritually and mentally. Mahogany Obsidian also is siad to cleanse the Sacral Chakra, which facilitates creativity and passion.


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